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Palmer Cove
Written by Carolyn McGuire   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 03:26

Palmer Cove gardeners may notice the new and improved gates at the garden entrances.

These gorgeous gates were built and installed by PC garden captain William Hanger, with help from volunteers Ehrlander Kristjansson and Mike Ryder.  Next time you see them around Palmer Cove, be sure to thank them!

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Gardener Spotlight: Cresene Sanglap, Palmer Cove PDF Print E-mail
Written by Whitney Riepe   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 03:02

To walk through Cresene Sanglap’s plot at Palmer Cove, is to discover horticultural ingenuity at every turn.  A bright white bookshelf laid on the ground first catches your eye, each shelf compartment packed with soil and brimming with life. Look closer and you’ll find salvaged bureau drawers that sprout basil, woven baskets that cradle mint, and tomato plants that thrive with the help of plastic bottle terrariums. It all makes for a fantastic scene of transformation and possibility.

Checking out neighboring plots last summer, Cresene describes having “raised bed envy” and this year she has set about a resourceful game of catch up. Lacking power tools and carpentry skills, Cresene set to the task of creatively repurposing objects around her in the service of gardening. The bookshelf was scored at a Marblehead yard sale ($5), the drawers were plucked from the curb on trash day, and a pile of discarded bamboo poles became the genesis for a handmade trellis. These clever gardening props are paired with biodegradable tarping and straw to minimize the time Cresene spends weeding and the plastic bottle terrariums reduce water usage significantly.


While Cresene credits the website for some of her clever techniques and tricks, others seem like total originals. Take for instance, the case of the scallion.  When faced will the prospect of a 100 day germination for scallion seeds, Cresene turned towards her kitchen scraps for a speedier solution.  Since (organic) store-bought scallions include their root base, after using the majority of the plant for cooking, she simply plunked the bottom inch into soil and away they grew.

This week her pole beans are poised to climb their twine supports, tomatoes are being coaxed to the trellis, and even the spinach has lofty ambitions for an upward ascent. Cresene, herself an accomplished high-altitude climber, is always keeping her eye out for the next creative advancement for her garden. For the rest of us, it’s just a sight to behold.



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Composting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carolyn McGuire   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 02:46

An essential part of SCG’s mission is to support organic and environmentally responsible practices. In an effort to do so, we are building composters to process plant matter at both Mack Pack and Palmer Cove.  Compost is a blend of decayed plant matter used to improve soil and provide nutrients. SCG plans to use the garden waste generated from our plots to produce compost that will in turn fertilize the gardens.  Designated compost bins and areas to dispose of weeds will be marked. Only two of the three composting bins can be filled. (One bin needs to be left open to build compost layers.) We have a few volunteers interested in helping with the composting at each garden, but the more the merrier. Please contact Lisa Spence ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) if you’d like to be involved. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about composting!

Please use the recycling bins for customary recyclables (plastics, glass, metal) and the trashcan for rubbish.  Do not put plant matter in the trash!


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